Part One of an Ongoing series of sculpture/three-dimensional drawings.

Their name is based on the famous Franz Kafka story, which describes a quotidian object that, in the view of his owner, seems to have a quiet life of its own.

They represent quotidian objects, sometimes mixed with shadows or ghost-like blocks of color.

Sketches are made in painted acetate and the finished versions are cut on stainless steel and then painted.

Survivor, Painted Stainless Steel 33×43×27 cm (13×17×11 in) 2017

Sketch for “Survivor”, acrylic on acetate, 2017

Black Shadow, acrylic on acetate, 2017

Pencil, acrylic on acetate, 2017

Support, acrylic on acetate, 2017

Portal, acrylic on acetate, 2017

Portal II, acrylic on acetate, 2017


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