Acrylic paint polyester sheets and painted iron and wood table
40×140×150 cm
(15×55×59 in)

The work Capilla is a miniature sculpture set done with sheets of transparent polyester and acrylic paint.

Halfway between drawing and sculpture, it is an improvised volume made of cuts and folds which, in turn, represents another precarious construction, made of bones and wood. By its choice of materials and technique, the work creates a series of contradictions, facing opposites like the material to the immaterial, the visible to the invisible, humor to gravity, volume and line.

The title Chapel is related to the known religious construction, specifically to a category of European chapels lined in its interior with human bones, called ossuaries. These constructions were intended to confront the visitor with death, common destiny of every human being. The ornamental use of skulls and bones is also related to the films of movie adventures such as Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost ark


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