The Unnatural

A man, a girl and a monster wander through the dark

The Unnatural
Music video I directed and animated for
the singer/songwriter Claire Cronin
Claire Cronin – The Unnatural
Album: Came Down a Storm
Badabing Records

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2017, France
Sapporo Short Film Festival 2017, Japan
Flatpack Film Festival 2017, Birmingham, UK
Animation Block Party Festival 2016, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Bucheon Animation Film Festival 2016, South Korea
Denver Film Festival 2016, USA
Void Film Festival 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
Japan Media Arts Festival 2017, Tokyo, Japan.
Los Angeles Music Video Festival 2016, USA
FestAnca Film Festival 2017, Eslovaquia – Winner, Best Music Video
Lille Short Film Festival 2017, France
Odense Film Festival 2017, Denmark
Insomnia Film Festival 2017, Moscow, Russia
Anima Animation Film Festival 2017, Cordoba, Argentina
Du grain à Démoudre Film Festival 2017, France.

Claire Cronin is a poet and songwriter from Los Angeles, currently living in Athens, GA. Some of her work can be found in Vinyl Poetry, Prelude, BOAAT, Yalobusha Review, Cloud Rodeo, and The Volta.



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