Mesmerville is a story about losing your place in the world. It is about what happens when what you took for granted is suddenly gone, and you can’t get it back.


Mesmerville is a town somewhere far away. We are introduced to Mesmerville at the beginning of its transformation, so we never really get to see what it was like when it was “normal.” It’s a place in constant transformation.


Our characters are a group of humans in different stages of their lives. Some young, some middle aged and some old. What they have in common is that each of them has lost something they thought was essential to who they are. We will be with them in the process of recovering it or devising a new way to be. 


Character characteristics and story arcs:


Anna: A woman in her 20’s. She is starting an interdisciplinary graduate degree (relating to anthropology, mathematics, history, etc.) at the local university and lives by herself. She has decided to live alone instead of at the university dorms. She prefers it that way. She is a bookworm and is a bit of an obsessive collector, as well. She collects objects and likes to be surrounded by things related to her interests (books, stones, old counting machines). She is thrifty and has nice things that she has put together herself.  


We meet her when her house is taken apart by ants while she sleeps. She is in an ethical personal dilemma, she is an animal lover who would never hurt any living being and doesn´t know how to get her house back. She is forced by the ants to sleep in an improvised tent near the river. When she meets Greg and finds he is in the same situation, they decide to take action and to try to recover her house. By the end of the story, Anna decides she will try living among other people, although she is not sure she is prepared yet.


Pedro: He is an aspiring musician in his late 30s who works delivering pizza three nights a week. He  doesn’t have much other than his music equipment and a room he has not paid rent for in two months now. His boss at the pizza place considers him worthless and treats him like shit. We first see him with his car broken down in the middle of a road and, not knowing how to fix it, just seconds before he is swallowed by a giant slug. He discovers he is somehow able to survive inside it. While there, he gets a text message from his landlord telling him he has been evicted and all of his instruments have been put on the street. Once he manages to get half of his body out of the slug, he finds that he has gained some sort of superpower by controlling it. He meets Vera and helps her get a place to sleep. He becomes a hero in the town after that by becoming a great help.


Greg: He is moving from another town, hoping to find a job. He is a loner. As soon he arrives, he is confronted with strange accidents that prevent him from settling. He is chased by a monster. His belongings are stolen before he even moves into the house.  His house is destroyed by a strange underground explosion the day after arriving.  Once that happens, he meets Anna and they become friends. He and she devise a way to fix their housing problem without help from anyone else. He learns collaboration sometimes is a good way to get things done if you do it right and with the right person.

Vera: Vera has recently graduated from high school and is an intern at the mayor’s office. She is in close contact with the mayor, as she is helping with the latest publicity campaign. She takes her internship very seriously. It is her current reason for living, actually. During the mess that changes Mesmerville forever, she loses a friend to one of the eruptions. She thinks she could have saved him. She herself, later, is injured and her body turns into a file cabinet. On top of all this, she ends up losing her job when the Mayor blames her for the disastrous failure of his Festival. Ashamed of going back to her parents after failing at her job. Then she meets Pedro and find out they are both not going back home. They find a location at the festival to sleep (Pedro’s been evicted, and she’s scared to go home). This makes her realize friends and relationships are more important than professional life.


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